The Internet Is United Once More: Everyone Is Roasting ‘Ms. Monopoly’

Go directly to jail.

Ms. Monopoly

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Last year, Hasbro introduced the ‘Ms. Monopoly’ game with an absolutely baffling ad, and now the Internet has resurfaced it, and has a lot of things to say. 

There is nothing more satisfying and fun than when the Internet comes together to all make fun of something that deserves to be made fun of. This is especially true at the moment, when everything is mostly sad and upsetting. It’s also ESPECIALLY satisfying when it happens to be about something I personally am on the record as hating: Monopoly.

Monopoly sucks, and I am thrilled to have more people on my side. The current roasting all started when someone on Twitter posted an ad from last year, telling people that there is no way they would guess what the product ends up being at the end. And you wouldn’t, except I just spoiled it for you (Ms. Monopoly). It’s still worth checking out the ad, which is unhinged.

The game has a few “girl power” changes from regular Monopoly, with items invented by women.

Mm….feminism. Lots of people had something to say about the message being sent by the ad and the game.

But the best part of all of this are the tweets about who or what the Ms. Monopoly character reminds them of.

This is all even MORE infuriating because of the fact that there is a lot of controversy around who invented Monopoly in the first place. Many people think that Lizzie Magie’s ‘Landlord’s Game’, invented more than a century ago, was subsequently built upon by a man, changed to ‘Monopoly’ and sold, earning him a fortune.

The original game also had a completely (much better) different message.

The fact that Ms. Monopoly was released when Magie’s contribution has never been acknowledged absolutely sucks, but it means that we can all peacefully enjoy the roasting it’s currently receiving.

Also because it’s just a terrible game in general. Every version.