There’s A Mr Bean NFT Collection And We’ve Officially Entered The End Times

Rowan Atkinson himself has called the collection "a great idea".

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From the early 2000’s meme ‘Nyan Cat‘ to Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, web 3.0 is currently engaged in a space race to preserve niche memories of internet culture within non-fungible currency. It begs the question, what isn’t an NFT at this point?

Like Han Solo being preserved in carbonite by Jabba the Hutt, the latest fictional character to fall prey to suspended animation via NFT is none other than treasured children’s television icon and anti-hero Mr Bean.

Web 3.0 company FOMO Lab announced the release of a collection of Mr Bean NFT series, which uses Rowan Atkinson’s likeness from the cartoon spin-off show ‘Mr Bean: The Animated Series’. Evoking some sort of doomsday prophecy, the collection will feature exactly 3,333 unique Mr Bean collectables which can be purchased with the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Rowan Atkinson himself has weighed in on the news, calling the collection a “great idea” in a media statement yesterday.

“Any initiative which not only draws attention to but actually enables access to the fabulous artwork associated with the Mr Bean Animation series, I welcome with open arms,” Atkinson said in a statement.

The release comes as the NFT market crashed to record lows this week, with the popular ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ token series losing more than half of its value. The crash has also affected cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which dropped by 11 percent yesterday as the global stock market moves to reject high-risk investments.

While I’m still unclear as to what releasing an NFT into the metaverse actually means, I am ever hopeful that Mr Bean’s presence in Facebook’s virtual reality could result in the British slapstick icon trolling crypto-bros on the digital stage.

Imagine having a virtual Lil Nas X concert disturbed by the grumbling Brit, or watching your digital real estate catching fire through a series of unfortunate and hilarious accidents put into motion by Mr Bean’s signature clumsiness.