The Internet Is Baffled By A Monkey Riding A Little Motorbike Who Keeps Terrorising Children

'Motorcycle Monkey' has become a meme for trying to steal a toddler and knocking over another kid.

motorcycle monkey meme

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Welcome to 2020: The year where 50 Cent is beefing with an Aussie graffiti artist, one of the richest men in the world just named his child X Æ A-12, and tiny monkeys on even tinier motorbikes are terrorising children.

It’s safe to say that this year has been a mess. But to pile onto all the wild bullshit currently going on in the world, a video of a monkey riding a motorbike has gone viral on Twitter. Well, a motorcycle riding monkey trying to steal a toddler, to be specific.

While the clip is only 15 seconds long, there are many so questions to be asked.

Mainly, how does one acquire such a tiny monkey-sized motorbike and why is the monkey so skilled at riding it? Plus, how did the monkey even have the strength to pull along a child at least double its size and why did the kids parents not even react to the whole thing?

Seriously, the rhythmic music in the back, the person magically filming at the right time and the girl just getting up and walking away like it’s an every day occurrence makes the whole thing feel like a fever dream.

So naturally Twitter went into overdrive to try to understand what the fuck was going on in the mystical clip. After seeing that the monkey was attached to a rope, a popular theory emerged that the primate was part of a child snatching and human trafficking ring.

However, after a second bonkers clip surfaced — this time of the motorbike-driving monkey knocking down an older child — the human trafficking theory was dispelled. With the same outfit, rope and traditional gamelan percussion playing in the background as people in the street watched, it became clear that the monkey was simply a pet used for entertainment purposes, not human trafficking.

According to Indonesia Expat, the initial child-dragging incident occurred earlier this week in East Java, Indonesia. It’s said that Motorcycle Monkey was part of a topeng monyet performance — a banned but traditional form of Indonesian street entertainment — gone wrong.

This explains why the monkey is dressed in a little outfit, has a small motorbike (that he actually knows how to drive) and is seen on a leash. While the toddler allegedly suffered a few scratches to the forehead, she had no major injuries and witnesses say that the monkey was, sadly, punished for grabbing the child.

Knowing that both the monkey and child were ok and neither suffered any major injuries, Twitter had a field day with the general concept of a monkey riding a motorbike stealing a child. Memes about the made-up monkey-toddler beef from each perspective started flooding Twitter as people tried to wrap their heads around why exactly Motorcycle Monkey had such hatred for kids.

But more than anything else, everyone just wanted to know just one thing: Who would win in a battle between motorcycle monkey and the giant baby? My money’s on the giant child, tbh.