UK Labour Leader Ed Miliband’s Latest Campaign Video Is Literally Just Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’

Mom's spaghetti.

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The UK general election is less than a week away, and UK Labour leader Ed Miliband is on track to oust Conservative David Cameron and become Britain’s next Prime Minister. Despite polls putting Labour slightly ahead, a lot of people aren’t wild at the prospect of a Miliband PM-ship; the guy comes off as awkward and bland, and weird campaign stunts like carving a series of vague promises into a two-metre high block of stone, Moses-style, don’t help.

To make him look more Prime Ministerial, Miliband’s campaign team shot and released an intimate doco-style campaign ad late last week, complete with “candid” shots of him preparing a speech and a cameraman following him around from behind to give off a kind of boxing underdog/contender vibe.

But because we live in an age where nothing goes unmocked for long, a wonderful soul on the internet named Jack Lilley noticed that Miliband’s video is scarily reminiscent of that other great underdog story — 8 Mile — and tweaked it, just so. It is bloody beautiful.

That remake has already been watched more times than the original, because the people know what they want, and what they want is Mom’s spaghetti. DJ, SPIN THAT SHIT.