Some Genius On TikTok Just Created An Iconic Dance Remix Of Julia Gillard’s Misogyny Speech

The "Andrew" TikTok meme has inspired another iconic political mash-up.

Misogyny Speech tiktok remix

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There’s no denying that Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech from 2012 was one of the greatest political moments of the decade.

Even eight years after the iconic address, Julia Gillard’s words have still stuck with Australians through the power of memes. And because there is no meme greater than a TikTok trend, it’s only right that the misogyny speech was given its rightful place on the app.

Melbourne-baed recording artist Minorfauna mashed-up the misogyny speech with Doja Cat’s ‘Boss Bitch’ for her take on the Boss Challenge — a trend that normally uses the Birds of Prey track with the mesmerising Glambot HD slow-mo camera footage seen on all the major red carpets.

And the result? Absolutely perfect.

The trend follows the footsteps of the ‘Andrew’ TikTok meme of last week — you know, the one where ABC political editor Andrew Probyn seriously pissed off Scott Morrison during a coronavirus presser?

Well, after triple J’s Sally and Erica remixed the audio from the press conference with Duke Dumont’s ‘Red Light Green Light’, Aussies on TikTok were left inspired and excited for other iconic political moments — namely, Julia Gillard’s forever iconic misogyny speech.

Using the audio to have at-h0me social-distancing appropriate dance parties to retelling stories of past encounters with Australian politicians, the dance version of the misogyny speech quickly spread around TikTok to give the ‘Andrew’ meme a run for its money.

Honestly, we love to see it.