Resources Minister Turns To Minecraft To Lure Young People Towards The Mining Industry

“I confess I have dabbled in Minecraft myself.”

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The Federal Government’s genius idea for getting young people enthused about the mining industry is… a computer game.

Resources Minister Madeleine King addressed concerns from the mining and gas industries that their image — understandably — isn’t great with the next generation, by turning to the logic of Minecraft.

The industry is seen as “problematic” by young people, King explained, in a speech draft seen by media.

“Some Australians remain unaware of how the resources industry is improving their lives — whether it is providing ore for wind turbines for green energy or lithium for that mobile phone to allow them to share a TikTok clip,” reads a speech from King in a real how-do-you-do-fellow-kids moment.

“So how do we get that young person on TikTok to make the link between their new iPhone and the resources industry?”

The Minister believes that skills shortages were affecting the workforce, trickling down from enrolments in relevant degrees; notably with both young people and women, the latter of whom make up less than 20 percent of the industry workforce.

And the solution for attracting 18 to 24-year-olds, according to King? “Perhaps you need to organise a national computer gaming competition? Miners for Minecraft maybe?” she posited to the sector.

“I confess I have dabbled in Minecraft myself. Anyone who plays Minecraft knows that before knows that before building your palace, you first need to find some iron ore, build a furnace, then find some coal to smelt your iron ore to turn it into steel.”

King will deliver her pearls of wisdom to the WA’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday.