Please Enjoy Milo Yiannopoulos Getting Heckled So Hard He Had To Leave A Bar

He was in the same bar as the largest democratic socialist group in America lol.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Remember Milo Yiannopoulos? The guy who has acted impartial to pedophilia, was caught making a nazi salute alongside established neo-Nazis, and has been banned from Twitter for vilifying a black actress.

He’s back!

Actually not really. He’s not back at all. In fact, ever since he lost his book deal, his job, and wound down his suspicious charity, he hasn’t done much.

But let’s all just enjoy a beautiful 30 seconds of footage, in which Yiannopoulos gets heckled so hard he has to leave a New York bar.

In the video, a group can be heard shouting “Nazi scum get out!” — and Yiannopoulos quickly grabs his bag and heads out the door, as the crowd cheers.

The scene was filmed by Gizmodo journalist Brendan O’Connor, who said on Twitter that Yiannopoulos walked into a Manhattan bar full of New York City Democratic Socialists of America.

“I asked if pivoting to full white nationalism was on the table,” O’Connor tweeted.

“How many white nationalists do you know who have black husbands?” responded Milo. “Who reads Gizmodo who I care about? Where does this fit on your tech beat? This isn’t how you doorstep someone. I’m just out with my friend.”

Yiannopoulos was a tech journalist when he first gathered a following during the GamerGate saga — a movement which discredited and abused female gaming journalists.

But his schedule looks like its pretty clear these days. He did set up an online store at the end of last month, but according to Think Progress, of the “approximately 80 different items you can purchase on the site, only three remain: Yiannopoulos-branded coffee, a single shirt, and a copy of his forthcoming book (which he has been forced to self-publish)”.

As for Milo’s charity, NBC reported that the whereabouts of its funds can’t be tracked:

“After two years and multiple scandals that include allegations from former employees of mismanagement, the most basic details of the $100,000 Privilege Grant Foundation fund — its donations, disbursements, and scholarship winners — remain a mystery.”

O’Connor’s tweet about Yiannopoulos’ new life summed it up pretty well:

Yiannopoulos responded to the incident on Facebook (because he is banned from Twitter lol):

“I was just shoved and screamed at by a big group in a pub in Manhattan and forced out of the place. One of them was a reporter for Gizmodo. They were screaming at the top of their lungs about ‘Nazis’ and ‘KKK’. Initially I was going to stay put obviously but they blocked me from my table and my bag and yelled at me to leave and it was about to escalate into something ugly,” the post read.

“It rattled me a little bit (just slightly!), perhaps because I have something to lose in life now. My first thought was John and not getting myself hurt or killed. I don’t know how I’d explain to my black husband that I got hurt for being a ‘white supremacist’.”

And apparently everyone still inside the bar celebrated by pouring out Milo’s beers and buying themselves another round.