Alt-Right Douche Milo Yiannopoulos Says He’s Broke, And Truly, No One Is Crying

What a tragedy.


Alt-right turd Milo Yiannopoulos has revealed that his social media following has collapsed and he “can’t put food on the table” after being permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook. And honestly, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Yiannopoulos, whose career highlights include writing one of the world’s worst books, singing karaoke with Nazis and getting to ask a question on Q&A, has apparently been struggling to make ends meet. Turns out defending paedophelia doesn’t make you many friends.

But the big reason for Milo’s downfall, according to the man himself, is his inability to gain any traction online. Milo was banned from most major platforms for targeted harassment, especially of women of colour, and for promoting white nationalism.

On Monday he had a whinge about it on fringe social media platform Telegram, where he declared he may just quit the internet entirely.

“Everyone is stalling on Telegram,” he wrote. “Microscopic followings like 20k are not going to sustain people like me.”

“It’s just not a good use of my time to be here. Talking to the same 1,000 people, none of whom buy books, tickets to anything or donate.”

“I spent years growing and developing and investing in my fan base and they just took it away in a flash,” he continued. “This 19k bullshit here is not going to cut it … I can’t make a career out of a handful of people like that. I can’t put food on the table this way.”

He went on to bemoan the plight of “social media refugees”. Weirdly, he hasn’t shown the same level of concern for actual refugees, having once said of Syrian refugees in Australia “you should send them back immediately because the only consequence [of having them] is going to be a drain on public services and your daughters raped”.

Yiannopoulos wrapped up his whinge session by saying that “unless something monumental changes, we are just going to be driven off the internet forever”.

The internet, for what it’s worth, seems fine with that.