Miley Cyrus Brutally Roasting Joe Rogan Simply Demands To Be Witnessed

"Joe Rogan was NOT ready for that."

Miley Cyrus and Joe Rogan

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It’s been a bold year for Miley Cyrus.

The beloved pop star just finished putting out one of the best singles of her career, ‘Midnight Sky’, an infusion of her own distinctive style and the glittery joy of Madonna. Then, she transformed Billie Eilish’s ‘my future’, turning into a winding plume of smoke. And now, to top it all off, she’s absolutely bodied Joe Rogan.

See, Cyrus appeared on Rogan’s extremely popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience to talk life, music and art. As things tend to on the JRE, the conversation got tangential, with Rogan bringing up drag queen Kennedy Davenport and what he considered to be her same-same dance routine.

“They all do the same move, they drop down and do the splits,” Rogan said, dismissing the routine.

And that’s when Miley comes in with the barbs.

Just watch:

Now listen, this is not necessarily just a drag of Rogan. The guy deserves credit for covering diverse and fascinating topics, often bringing the kind of academics who would never appear on any other podcast into the limelight. This is just an appreciation of an excellent shutdown. Miley Cyrus undefeated.