You Simply Have to Watch Miley Cyrus Slay A Performance of ‘Gimme More’ By Britney Spears

A classic gets a brand new spin.

Miley Cyrus performs Britney Spears

Miley Cyrus has spent her entire career shedding old personas and adopting new ones. But her latest phase might be her most interesting and effective yet.

For the last few months, Cyrus has abandoned the degraded disco sounds of her most recent few records, and embarked instead on something more nostalgic and slicker. Her latest single, ‘Midnight Sky’, calls to mind everything from Debbie Harry to Madonna, and its pleasures are beautifully direct and unfussy.

There are no more choruses about putting “tha dick in tha pussy” — now things are both more family friendly, and as a result more mainstream.

Not that she’s abandoned what makes her special. There are still flashes of the old Miley Cyrus that we all love on display, never more clearer than in the cover she dropped today of the Britney Spears classic ‘Gimme More’.

Yep, with her trademark style and wit, Cyrus dances back and forth between the raunchy and the heartfelt, creating something that feels as jagged as it does beautiful. At times, it barely sounds like the Spears original at all, having been totally transformed by those heaven-sent pipes.

Essentially, it’s one of the best covers that Miley has dropped yet. If she keeps this up, her forthcoming album might be one of the most anticipated pop records of this commercial cycle.