Sick Of Uni? Here’s How To Handle Those Mid-Year Doubts

We get you.

After a gruelling semester of study, you’ve finally made it to the mid-year break. This is the time when you should be celebrating, yet it can be hard to let loose and have fun when the first semester of uni has left you feeling burnt out and uncertain about your future.

Maybe you’re questioning your major. Or maybe you’re on the verge of dropping out of uni altogether. Either way, if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with doubt this mid-year break, then here’s some advice to help you cope.

Take A Break, Get Some Perspective

One of the best things you can do when you’re having doubts about uni is to take a break, clear your head, and get a fresh perspective. Now that the mid-year break is upon us, you’ve been given the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Use this time to take a breather and focus on something other than uni. Get stuck into the latest podcast everyone’s been talking about, go on a road trip with your mates, or whack out some arts and crafts.

A bit of time off may confirm your doubts. Or it might help you overcome them. In any case, you should give yourself a chance to experience life without the pressure of uni weighing on your shoulders.

Rediscover Your Fave Things About Uni

OK, let’s be real – there are a lot of things to hate about uni. When you’ve just spent a whole semester dealing with last-minute assignments, expensive textbooks, and crappy campus parking, it can be easy to lose sight of all the good things uni has to offer and become overwhelmed with self-doubt.

In these times of uncertainty, try making a list of everything you like about uni. There’s student discounts, the freedom to choose subjects you actually enjoy, loads of club activities, and all the free stuff you can score during O-week, just to name a few. Sure, you might still have your doubts, but finding joy in the small things can make all the difference as you head into another semester.

Talk Through Your Uncertainty

Although you may feel helpless and alone, the truth of the matter is that everyone experiences some sort of doubt during their time at uni. So, don’t struggle with all these doubts on your own. Reach out to your friends, family, and the support services on campus. Let them know that you’re struggling and ask for advice.

It’s worth opening up to those around you. By simply voicing your worries out loud, you’ll be able to sort through your confusion and create some much-needed headspace.

Set Some Mid-Year Goals

Setting new goals, even during the middle of the year, is important. After a semester spent studying, your perspective will have inevitably changed and you may begin to doubt yourself. Re-evaluating your goals will allow you to deal with these uncertainties in a way that allows you to move forward.

Not sure where you should start? Don’t worry fam, we’ve got you covered. One of the first goals we suggest you make is to explore your options. If you’re doubting your major, make a plan to sit in on some of the other classes uni has to offer. If you’re questioning your entire degree, aim to have a chat with a career counsellor or someone from your intended industry.     

Make Changes If You Need To

Uni is complicated. Not everything is going fall into place. There may always be a part of you that’s uncertain about the future. But, if you’re truly unhappy with the path you’re following, then it might be time to make some changes. As you head into another semester, don’t be afraid to change courses, switch degrees, or defer your studies if you need to.

Of course, you shouldn’t do anything drastic. Make sure to assess your options and plan your next move carefully. This is when talking to the support services at uni can really come in handy.

Above all else, do what’s right for you. Making happiness your first priority is a sure-fire way to alleviate any doubts.

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