Deputy PM Michael McCormack Just Blamed The Bushfires On Kids

"Most of these fires are being caused by little Lucifers running around with matches"

Michael McCormack

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Were you under the impression that our current bushfires are being made worse due to devastating climate change?

Well, our Deputy Prime Minister Michael Michael McCormack is here to assure you that it’s actually all the kids fault.


The Nationals leader — who last month famously said the only people worried about climate change were raving inner-city lunatics — made the comments to the ABC today.

“Most of these fires are being caused by little Lucifers running around with matches and firestarters and creating havoc,” he said.

McCormack was being asked to respond to comments by the NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean, a Liberal politician who is seemingly going against his party by acknowledging the science of climate change.

“This year is the second hottest year in New South Wales’ history, following last year which was the hottest year in New South Wales’ history,” Kean said.

“We’re seeing a record drought which is the worst in living memory and we’re seeing these extreme bushfires. There are all the things scientists told us would happen as a result of climate change.”

There are currently more than 100 fires burning across New South Wales. Several near Bega are believed to have been lit by a 19-year-old rural fire service volunteer, who has been charged.

In Queensland a 16-year-old boy was also charged with starting one fire at Cobraball in Central Queensland, which destroyed 14 homes last month.

It seems McCormack is happy to use these isolated incidents in a bid to grasp at any straws to help him deny the reality of climate change.

Scientists overwhelmingly agree that Australia’s bushfire season is growing longer and more intense due to climate change. The comments come only a day after PM Scott Morrison denied extra resources to volunteer firefighters.