This Girl Thirsted So Hard For Michael B. Jordan She Broke Her Dental Work And, Honestly, Same

It's the thirst content we deserve.

Michael B. Jordan

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that besides being a record-breaking blockbuster and a savvy and much needed statement on race and representation, Marvel’s Black Panther is also a massive thirst trap.

And it turns out that packing a film with that many wildly attractive individuals can have some pretty intense physical consequences. According to a dentist on Tumblr, it was Michael B. Jordan’s gratuitous shirtless scenes in the film which hit one of his patients right where it hurt: in her orthodontics.

In the viral post, he claimed that his patient ‘thirsted so hard she busted steel’ while watching Black Panther, and had to make an emergency visit to repair the wire on her retainer which she snapped from clenching her teeth so much. And I mean, who can blame her?

But, then in the kind of Twitter fairytale story that only happens once in a blue moon, the thirsty tooth girl herself found the post ABOUT HER and owned up to being the famous recipient of the broken retainer.

“This is literally my orthodontist, and he’s the chillest person I have ever met even though HE EXPOSED ME ON THE INTERNET,” Sophia wrote in a later tweet. The post continued to go viral, because honestly — it’s supremely relatable content.

The thirsty girl and her busted chompers even reached the attention of our shirtless hero himself, Michael B. Jordan, who in a fit of chivalry offered to pay for the broken retainer. What a good news story, full of relatable thirst content.