The Internet Is Obsessed With This One TikTok Joke About How The Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out

"Meteor Meatier is a cultural reset. A new bar has been set for comedy."

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Four days ago, 23-year-old Eliza Petersen uploaded a TikTok about dinosaurs, which quickly went mega-viral.

In the video, Petersen plays both an angel and God as they explore how the dinosaurs accidentally went extinct. As they go back and forth about what God had originally requested the angel to give the species, the pair realise there was a definite misunderstanding along the way.

“Hey Angel, did you give the dinosaurs more muscle like I asked?,” God says. “I asked you to make them meatier.”

Clearly confused, the angel responds: “Make them… a meteor“.

From here God and the angel get more and more teary-eyed as they say “meteor” and “meatier” back to each other, in what can only be described as an Oscar-worthy performance.

Despite the clip literally only being 22 seconds long, Petersen’s pretty genius dinosaur joke was viewed over 15 million times across TikTok and Twitter.

The reactions to the video even called the TikTok the “best thing” on the app, while others took a moment to note just how good Petersen’s tears and acting chops were.

According to BuzzFeed News, Petersen’s acting was on point because she has years of experience in community theatre. But despite having some acting experience, Petersen says that her tears over the extinction of dinosaurs were very real.

Residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, Petersen shared that while she works as a paralegal, she has also volunteered at the palaeontology department at Utah’s Natural History Museum for the last five years, hence her love for dinosaurs.

“I thought about how it would be so sad to obliterate the dinosaurs, and simply by accident too, so I started to tear up,” she explained.

Since the TikTok made its way online, people have naturally become obsessed with the teary dinosaur discourse.

The stupid but joyful video has entertained so many, that “Meteor Meatier” has even become its own meme. From photos of crying animals to the reimagined beefed-up dinosaurs we would’ve had if the angel didn’t mess up, Eliza Petersen’s dinosaur TikTok is proof that 2020 is not all bad.

In fact, Meteor Meatier is also proof that you don’t need to be offensive to be funny despite what piss babies may think.