Men’s Rights Activists Are Flooding Palace Cinema’s FB For Refusing To Screen Their Documentary

"Shame on you for caving to these fascists"

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Australia’s men’s rights activists are absolutely furious and they’re taking to their keyboards in the hundreds to make sure everyone knows it.

Yes, Men Have Problems — But The Men’s Rights Movement Doesn’t Come Close To Dealing With Them

Yesterday Palace Cinemas announced that it’s Kino Cinema partner would no longer be hosting the Australia premiere of a new documentary on the men’s rights movement called The Red Pill. The screening had been organised by Men’s Rights Melbourne.

The Red Pill is directed by Cassie Jaye and explores the online word of men’s rights activists. “The Red Pill” is a term used by the men’s rights movement to describe a moment of awakening when they discover the world is apparently an illusion and men are all “slaves to the matriarchy”. The term is a bastardisation of the “blue pill / red pill” sequence from The Matrix. 

The documentary has been criticised for featuring prominent activist Paul Elam. According to a petition calling on Palace Cinemas to cancel the screening, Elam once wrote “Should I be called to sit on a jury for a rape trial, I vow publicly to vote not guilty, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true.”

The Red Pill struggled to secure funding but got over the line thanks to a campaign initiated by the right-wing US news site Breitbart. Critics have accused the film of having a “conflict of interest” due to the fact that it was largely funded by men’s rights activists.

The petition against the documentary achieved more than 2,000 signatures and yesterday an update was posted confirming Palace Cinemas would no longer screen the film. Men’s rights activists did not take the decision well and have responded by flooding Palace Cinema’s Facebook page with negative reviews.

“You just caved under pressure of wannabe-fascists,” one ‘reviewer’ wrote. “I’m giving you ‘one star’ for your cowardice and dishonesty,” said another.

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There are more than 370 one-star reviews on the cinema’s Facebook page, though this morning some of the cinema’s supporters have returned fire by posting their own five-star reviews. It’s unclear if Men’s Rights Melbourne will attempt to screen the documentary at another location.