Men’s Rights Activists Have Gone After A Brisbane Bookstore And It Has Backfired Spectacularly

Nice try fellas.

A Brisbane bookshop and its customers have responded to a group of sooky men’s rights activists in the best possible way: by trolling the absolute shit out of them.

On Monday, the Avid Reader Bookshop and Café shared a Facebook post by feminist writer Clementine Ford announcing that she had just signed a contract to write her second book. MRAs responded by flooding Avid’s Facebook page with negative reviews, accusing the store of “supporting hate speeches against men” and “spreading more angry crap books”. One guy was very angry about the store pushing a book by “a man hating misandrist”…although he did admit the cafe was “okay”.

But the MRAs were quickly outnumbered by people coming to the store’s defence. As of late Tuesday morning, Avid Reader has 236 one star reviews…and more than 2,400 five star reviews.

Ford has since thrown her support behind the shop, posting that “Avid Reader is an awesome bookstore that supports hundreds of different Australian writers.”

Meanwhile, Avid Reader’s social media guy has been having a field day taking the piss out of the critics.

Troll Review Two Troll Review One
Troll Review Three

If you feel like chucking Avid Reader a review, or just want to make fun of some very grumpy keyboard warriors, you can check out their Facebook page here.

Feature image via Avid Reader Bookshop and Cafe/Facebook