‘The Weekly’ Aired A Moving In Memoriam For Kitty Flanagan, Even Though She’s Still Alive

Rest in peace?

Kitty Flanagan

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The Weekly has payed tribute to regular contributor Kitty Flanagan with a moving In Memoriam featuring her most iconic moments on the show… despite the fact that she is still very much alive.

Last night’s episode of The Weekly was the last one for the year, and also the last one with Flanagan on staff. The comedian broke the news of her resignation on-air, telling host Charlie Pickering that she’s had enough.

“I want to do real journalism, I am sick of being your kooky stooge,” she joked. “I am like this show’s weatherman, your go to idiot. I am better than that.”

It was Flanagan herself who put together the In Memoriam package, after getting confused about what In Memoriam actually means.

“I thought it was just a fancy Latin way of saying ‘sorry, I can’t make it’,” she explained. “To be fair, by the time this goes to air, I may well be dead. I’m pretty old.”

Flanagan even got Tripod’s Steven Gates to provide musical backing.

Anyway, rest in peace Kitty. Or at your new job, or whatever.