Melbourne’s Arts Centre Will Be Lit Purple Tonight In Honour Of Prince

Will the Sydney Opera House follow suit?

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As tributes for Prince pour in from fellow musicians, politicians, and fans all over the world, Melbourne’s Arts Centre has announced it will light its 126-metre spire purple tonight. The legendary artist performed at the venue just two months ago in shows which were described as “breathtaking”. The gesture recalls these nights in which the spire was also lit.

The colour, of course, was a lasting theme in his work, performances and fashion and became most synonymous to him through the song (and titular album) ‘Purple Rain’. Because of this, the Arts Centre’s tribute is far from being the only one along these lines. The New Yorker has just released next week’s cover of literal purple rain; Snapchat has added a “purple rain filter”; and, as it’s now night in the US, many venues and monuments are lighting up in the same way.

Prince has truly made his mark on the cosmos.

The Arts Centre’s decision to contribute to this grand tribute has been commended this morning by a number of prominent members of Victoria state government including Premier Daniel Andrews. It’s not yet known if Mike Baird is much of a Prince fan, but it would be amazing to see the Sydney Opera House follow suit.