Someone Keeps Spray-Painting Boobies On This Melbourne Duck Mural

When will the bird bazooka bandits strike again?

Duck Boobs

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Ah, Melbourne — a city known for the world-renowned street art that proudly lines its streets and laneways. Also, apparently, duck boobs.

A mural of some ducks in the inner-city suburb of Kensington has been defaced twice with the very mature addition of boobs, leaving locals raging. The street art depicts eight ducks waddling on the sand at the beach, and was commissioned by graffiti artist Heesco before the state’s second lockdown, according to the ABC.

Late last week, an unknown art assailant spray painted some tits on all of the innocent birds, who only seek to spark joy during government-mandated walks, and have done nothing to deserve their graffitied jubblies.

“Some people were really mad — some were saying they couldn’t believe it happened and there should be CCTV,” a self-described duck mural guardian told the broadcaster. “But I do feel mixed about it because I couldn’t help but laugh at the diversity of the boobs”.

The same thing happened in August last year with a red spray can. Residents were so disturbed that they crowdfunded nearly $2000 to cover the duck honkers up with anti-graffiti paint that clearly didn’t work.

Heesco said he found the situation hilarious, a classic case of juvenile art expression, and that a third instance was probably on the cards. “It’s not even my wall anymore — it’s everyone’s wall,” he told the ABC.

The City of Melbourne has reportedly jumped on the case, and removed the illegal, yet profound tatas.

When will the bird bazooka bandits strike again? Only time will tell.

Photo Credit: Heather Shearer (Supplied)