Melbourne Residents Are Turning Their Curfew Depression Into Very Funny Memes

"Comforting thought about the 5km Melbourne curfew: Anyone who lives in an oceanfront home now has half the space to enjoy compared to the rest of us."

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Since July 8 Melbourne residents have been living under Stage 3 restrictions, optimistically hoping the temporary pain would be enough to slow the spread of coronavirus and allow the lockdown to be relaxed a little.

But yesterday, any hope they were clinging to came crashing down when Premier Daniel Andrews announced even tougher Stage 4 restrictions would be enforced for an even longe period of time.

This morning Melburnians awoke from their first night under a coronavirus curfew, barring anyone from leaving their homes from 8pm to 5am. The restrictions also prevent anyone from travelling more than 5km from their home, even for exercise or grocery shopping.

These new restrictions will last until September 13, and were announced as Victoria confirmed another 671 new coronavirus cases.

The last few weeks have been a hellish sort of existence for many Victorians, but luckily in the age of the internet we’re well versed in how to take advantage of our pain for the pleasure of others — namely in the forms of some really great memes.

Other people were imagining a world where people stuck to a curfew for an entirely different reason.

Despite the world’s former most liveable city currently in a freefall down the rankings, naturally they couldn’t help getting in a few sledges on the way down.

So far metropolitan Melbourne is the only area to face a curfew, with some exemptions for work, caregiving, medical and compassionate reasons. Outside of the city the Mitchell Shire is remaining on Stage 3 restrictions, and regional Victoria will also move to stage 3 restrictions on Thursday.