Melbourne Is Responding To Its New Anti-Terror Bollards In The Most Melbourne Way Possible

The latest ones are especially great.

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Over the past few weeks the Victorian government has installed more than 100 concrete bollards in locations around the Melbourne CBD, in an effort to prevent drivers from intentionally mounting the curb and hitting pedestrians.

Seems like a sensible public safety initiative, but there is one major downside: these things are ugly as sin.

Fortunately, a number of Melburnians have taken it upon themselves to bring a little personality to the concrete cubes, decorating them with street art and colourful fabric coverings.

Recently, people seem to be taking a slightly more tongue-in-cheek approach.

There are plans to eventually replace the temporary bollards with a more attractive option. In the meantime, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has thrown his support behind the boll-art, telling The Age he is a “fan of anything that brightens up the city”.