This TikTok User Is Recreating Your Terrible ‘One Direction’ FanFics With Painful Accuracy

"She's not a nerd Niall, she's just not like other girls."

TikTok user @meganminaj's One Direction fanfic parody is pure art

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“She’s not a nerd Niall, she’s just not like other girls.”

And so the romance of our times is established between Harry Styles and un-named female protagonist, the lovers at the centre of a series of a truly stunning TikTok fan-fic parody. Created by @meganminaj, the videos are pretty simple: using a green-screen, she reenacts the typical One Direction fan-fics that dominated Tumblr and Wattpad in the earlier half of the decade.

In the so-far four-part series, our protagonist meets Harry Styles in an elevator, and Styles is taken back by the fact she doesn’t recognise him.

“The only Harry I know is Harry Potter,” she says, barely looking up from her book. “I only listen to alternative music, like Fall Out Boy and The 1975. I guess I’m not like other girls.”

Styles, of course, is completely taken back, and invites her to their concert that night. Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn all make appearances, all played by @meganminaj. Critics (me) are calling an acting accomplishment that beats both Kyle MacLachlan’s dopplegänger work in Twin Peaks: The Return and Peter Seller’s multiple roles in Dr. Strangelove.

Back-stage, our protagonist is invited onto the band’s private jet, but there’s an issue.

“[The concert’s] not bad for a boyband,” she says, “but I should get going before my abusive step-mum finds out I’m not at the library.” Oh no!

Soon, she becomes enraptured in Styles’ natural charm, especially after learning he’s “written a book”, but things are currently on a cliff-hanger after Styles gets her drunk (!?) for the first time. What will happen next? Time will tell.

It’s not the first time an One Direction fan fic has taken hold in 2019: earlier this year, HBO’s Euphoria was criticised for an animated segment which acted out ‘Larry slash’ fiction between Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Tomlinson confirmed he was not approached by the show about the scene, leading fans to say it crossed a line by visualising a sexual relationship which did not exist. Larry slash has been long-controversial in the 1D fanbase, given the impact its proliferation seemed to have upon the pair’s relationship.

In other Styles news, he just announced his second solo album Fine Line, out December 13. Its lead single ‘Light’s Up’ caused a lot of incredibly horny reactions. Revisit your obsessive years with @meganminaj’s four-part fanfic below.