5 Reasons Why Mature Age Students Make The Best Uni Mates

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We’ve all met at least one mature age student during our studies. They’re always on time to class and usually well ahead of the course content. Honestly, they’re model students who represent what every undergrad should be like.

As we find ourselves wanting to ditch all our course content for the uni bar, we should look to the mature age students on campus for guidance. Here’s five reasons why you should befriend a mature age student this semester!

Mature Age Students Are Wise

Usually, mature age students are a few more years our senior – in other words, they’ve been around the tracks. More often than not, they’ve worked a full-time job, studied before and have travelled outside of Australia. They have ‘adulted’ for real!

Since they’re real grown ups, they’re usually very good at putting things into perspective. Stressed to the eyeballs about a 20 per cent essay due in a day? Talk to your mature age friend – they’ll tell you it’ll all work out as long as you go straight home and do nothing else until you finish it.

You’ll Have Intellectually Stimulating Conversations

Are you sick of hearing about relationship dramas in your friendship circle? Befriend a mature age student and we guarantee the conversation will turn from how many drinks you skulled on the weekend to what’s happening in politics/other interesting topic of choice. You’ll be surprised how refreshing a different perspective can be.

They Can Help With Essays

Have an essay where the assessment criteria is so ambiguous you think handing in nothing will score you a better mark then trying to attempt it? Show it to your newfound friend to see if they can point you in the right direction. Sometimes they may provide you with advice on how to structure the essay and other times they could tell you what they would do to build a compelling argument.

They’ll Motivate You To Learn

Personally, I’m motivated by how much mature age students actually want to learn. They arrive to class – prepared – and answer questions. They know where they lack knowledge and seek to fix this. They’re all over assessments weeks in advance and are generally always kicking goals!

They’ll Never Bail On A Coffee Date

Friend # 1: So, meet at 12pm for coffee?

Friend #2: Sure, see you then.

This conversation happens on the daily among uni students. But, how often are plans either cancelled last minute or postponed for hours until one of you ends up at home wondering what happened? Too often, you guys.

Mature age students will never miss your 12pm coffee date. You may even be able to sneak in a quick study session, where they could be so kind to show you some of their notes!

I’m grateful for all the mature age students I’ve met during the course of my studies. They drive my competitive nature, and make me want to do more to achieve the results I should always be wanting.

Mature age students are the best buddies to have; they’re way past all that relationship drama, and they actually want to do well in class. Also, they are completely reliable – so set up that coffee date with one of them today.

(Lead image: Billy Maddison)