Once Again, The Daily Telegraph Has Tried And Failed To Shame Greens Candidate Matthew Thompson

"The only thing I'm ashamed of is not scoring a perfect 10."

Greens candidate Matthew Thompson

Well, the Daily Telegraph has had another crack at shaming Greens candidate Matthew Thompson for absolutely no reason, and once again it’s ended with Thompson managing to brutally own the Tele with a single tweet. It’s a sad day for the newspaper — after all, what is the Daily Telegraph if it can’t even roast a minor Greens candidate effectively? Maybe it’s losing its touch in its old age.

On Monday, Daily Tele columnist Tim Blair published an article ranking Greens candidates by smugness. Must have been a slow news day. In any case, he awarded Thompson, the Greens candidate for Sydney, a smugness score of 8.2, and Thompson was not happy about it.

“I’m deeply offended,” he tweeted. “I definitely deserve a 10. I’m a gay vegan cyclist. What more do I need to do to score 10/10??!”. In a lengthy Twitter thread, he continued to list additional qualifications, which included that his bicycle is both secondhand and electric. “I literally have a small bar fridge dedicated solely to homemade kombucha that my wonderful lesbian friends made up on their hobby farm,” he added. “I truly deserve that 10”.

This morning, the Daily Telegraph obliged by publishing a short correction increasing Thompson’s score to 9.5, writing that “Mr Blair and The Daily Telegraph regret their error”. Thompson took to Twitter to confirm that he remains committed to working towards a perfect score.

This isn’t the first time Thompson and the Daily Telegraph have butted heads. In January, the Tele wrote a sensationalist article attempting to shame Thompson over a few flamboyant Instagram posts. “Newsflash: I’m gay, I look good in glitter, and yes, I can dance” was his response. He also pointed out that while he’s perfectly capable of shutting down attacks like these, the Daily Telegraph’s commitment to tearing down young, queer candidates like himself is tired, old, and pretty unfair.

Speaking to Junkee this morning, Thompson made similar comments this time around. “The Telegraph is running these hit pieces on Greens candidates because they’re scared,” he said. “Instead of debating the value of our ideas, they try to write us off.”

“First I was meant to be ashamed of daring to be gay, covered in glitter and running for Parliament. Now I’m meant to be ashamed of being a cyclist and a vegan? The only thing I’m ashamed of is not scoring a perfect 10,” he said.

“I’d add emojis in there but I think that’d be overkill,” he added, and then sent three emojis anyway. Big smug energy.

Matthew Thompson responds to Daily Telegraph