This Clip Of Matt Canavan In The Terminator Caused A Mess In A Nationals WhatsApp Group

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Deepfakes are a cursed technological advancement that the world absolutely did not need. No, not because of the security or cyber safety risks of them, purely because no part of me ever needed to see Matt Canavan as the Terminator.

Today has been a huge day for climate policy in Australia, and for those elected officials — like Canavan and George Christensen — who have taken it upon themselves to have a giant dummy spit over Australia’s mediocre-at-best net-zero commitment.

While Prime Minister Scott Morrison was announcing Australia’s first official commitment to a net-zero by 2050 target, Christensen took to Facebook and YouTube to share a cursed video of what he describes as “Canavan: The Net Zero Terminator”.

“Regardless of what other MPs and Senators support, I will be maintaining my strong opposition to a job-destroying net zero target,’’ the now-deleted Facebook post read, according to news.com.au.

But to make the story even more absolutely batshit insane, news.com.au later obtained screenshots from the Nationals WhatsApp group, in which Michael McCormack criticised the video.

McCormack, however, wasn’t criticising the government’s total shitting on its own climate policy — or the fact that the policy is well below the net-zero by 2030 target we should probably be aiming for. No. Instead, he ridiculed the clip for the shooting of a “uniformed officer”, which he finds offensive “as the father of a police officer”.

“I appreciate it is the Terminator and the uniformed officer in the movie is not the good guy, but we have to be better than this, surely … I’ve spoken to George and let him know how I feel,” wrote McCormack.

Thankfully, Canavan was quick to clarify that the “cop” in question is “actually a shapeshifting, T-1000 Terminator model sent from the future back in time to kill John Connor” and, therefore, “deserved to get smoked for the good of humanity.”

You truly cannot make this up.

The video has since been removed from George Christensen’s Facebook page and is currently “unlisted” on YouTube, but is still live at the time of publishing.