The New Season Of ‘Masterchef’ Will See 24 Fan Favourites Return For Another Shot At Glory

Poh! Tessa! Brendan!

Masterchef Back To Win is the 12th season of the beloved show

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Masterchef has been forced into something of a messy, public rebirth over the last few months.

First, one of its judges, George Calombaris, was shrouded in scandal when it was revealed that his restaurant empire had been underpaying workers. Then, he and the rest of the show’s core cast — Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan — stepped away from the program, citing a dispute over pay. New judges were hired quickly, but without a big send-off for the departing three, the whole thing felt a bit odd and rushed.

So, a challenge for the show’s producers: how do you make a new spin on a show still feel familiar?

The answer: get a whole bunch of old contestants in.

Yep, the 12th season of Masterchef will be something of a throwback, with all 24 contestants being former stars of the show.

Returning guests include Poh Ling Yeow, the runner-up in Season 1; Tessa Boersma, last year’s fan favourite; Sarah Tiong, Season 9’s beloved legal eagle; hard-working Season 10 superstar Khanh Ong; young upstart Jess Liemantara, from Season 10; Hayden Quinn, the eligible bachelor of Season 3; Tracy Collins of Season 6; sustainable king Simon Toohey, he of Season 11; Sarah Clare of Season 10; and Brendan Pang, the loveable goofster of Season 10.

The new season of the show, titled Masterchef: Back To Win, will see all these adored chefs and more battle it out amongst each other. That’ll make it a must-see viewing experience for long-time fans of the show, but also a deeply stressful one. After all, it’s tough to see some beloved guests lose not once, but twice. Prepare yourselves.

Watch the full trailer for the show’s new season here: