Osher Günsberg Went On ‘The Project’ To Explain What’s Happening With ‘Masked Singer Australia’

And yes, the show will go on.

Osher Günsberg goes on 'The Project' to reveal what's going on with 'Masked Singer Australia' post seven COVID positive staff members

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Masked Singer Australia host Osher Günsberg popped on The Project on Sunday night to explain what’s happening with the tv show, which had a COVID-19  breakout on-set resulting in seven cases among the staff.

The show, which has been given an exemption to film in Melbourne despite stage four lockdowns, was suspended production on Saturday. Günsberg said that they were two hours out from filming the show’s finale on Friday when production paused after a dancer came forward to say they felt ill. They later tested positive for COVID-19.

“We were literally two hours away from hitting record on our grand finale, the pyrotechnics were loaded, everyone was in costume, we are ready to go.”

“This person was so brave,” said Günsberg. “This young person put their hand up and said, ‘Hang on, guys, I’m not feeling so great… I should probably not let you know. They were brave enough to pull the emergency brake on the freight train.”

“We hit stop and everyone shut down…. Nothing is as important as everyone’s safety. I hope we can set that as an example: if you’re not feeling great, it’s not worth it.’”

Günsberg confirmed that the show had finished filming all but the finale episode, meaning that the next three weeks of the show will continue airing as planned, and while the stars and hundred plus staff are currently all in self-isolation, they plan to resume filming.

“We will adhere to whatever happens once there’s been an outbreak,” he said. “We have to do a deep clean.”

“We’re going to work as much as we can to try and get a grand finale happening … I’m pretty sure we’ll figure out a way to pull it off.”

Günsberg described the set as incredibly tight when it came to COVID-19 restrictions, saying he’d “never been on a stricter set, I’ve never been on a more segregated set.”

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has defended the show elsewhere, saying that their COVIDsafe plan had been approved by health authorities.

“I don’t think any particular outbreak that occurs in an industry necessarily means that anything has gone wrong,” Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said today.

“It does relate to the fact that anyone that comes in with the virus can spread it to others in a workplace.

“The determination has been made around broad sectors that are considered essential and television is one of those.”

On Monday, Channel 9 show Millionaire Hot Seat announced a shutdown after being linked to positive COVID-19 cases.

It was due to begin filming today in Melbourne’s Docklands, where Masked Singer is filmed, albeit in different studios though they do share a common area. The facilities are now undergoing a deep clean.

Watch the interview below. Masked Singer Australia continues 7.30pm AEST Monday and Tuesdays on Channel 10. We recap it.