Someone Drove Their Maserati Into Flood Waters In Melbourne And People Are Very Amused

Who could have predicted this?

The internet is roasting the ever-loving hell out of the owner of a Maserati, after an attempt to drive their luxury vehicle through flood waters in Melbourne ended in an extremely predictable way.

Victoria has been drenched in recent days by a spectacular storm system, albeit one that wasn’t quite as apocalyptic as many had feared. Still, it was enough to cause flooding in parts of the state, including at the Victoria Street rail underpass in Footscray in Melbourne’s west.

To be clear, Victorians were warned repeatedly — by the media, by emergency service workers, by members of the government — not to drive in flood waters. But apparently this person didn’t get the hundreds of memos.

True to form, people on social media reacted to the sight of the waterlogged sports car with what can only be described as unbridled glee.