People Keep Trying To Explain Martin Luther King Jr. To His Own Son

"This is the craziest shit I’ve seen on this site"

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After Martin Luther King III, an international human rights activist and the literal son of Martin Luther King Jr, shared a quote from his father on Twitter, some users tried to explain the quote back to him. 

Sometimes when I think we have reached peak “Twitter”, something comes along to blow it out of the water. In this case, it’s the responses to a tweet by international human rights activist Martin Luther King III. The Tweet he shared, in response to the George Floyd protests currently going on across America, was a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. His father.

It’s a pretty straight-forward post. And as he says in the tweet, MLK is his father. They are literally father and son, both human rights activists. You would think that these facts would stop people replying to the Tweet to try and dispute it, or try to explain to MARTIN LUTHER KING III that he is wrong about what his father meant. But of course, it didn’t stop them. The phenomenon was pointed out by comedian and actor Hari Kondabolu.

The tweet is not condoning or condemning any of the protests that are going on, it is a quote simply reiterating a point that his father once made, about why the situation then and the situation now might be happening. But that didn’t stop people for feeling the need to explain.

These comments got some deserved backlash from other people.

However, the situation was all summed up beautifully in one simple image.

Now is the time especially for white people to read the room, and not feel the need to input their own ideas into every conversation. Just donate, support, and amplify voices.