Channel 9 Is Getting Slammed Over This Cooked ‘Married At First Sight’ Ad

"I like a girl that is a girl. She's girly, and knows that I'm the man and I'm in charge."

Channel 9 is facing a major backlash over a promo for Married at First Sight featuring a male contestant with some extremely cooked ideas about how modern relationships are meant to work.

The 45-second ad was shared via the program’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and introduces fans of the show to Dean. Dean is the kind of guy who begins his sentences with “it’s hard to say without sounding sexist or something, but.”

“I like a girl that is a girl,” says Dean. “She’s girly, and knows that I’m the man and I’m in charge. Also I want someone that listens to me. I wanna be the alpha male. She needs to respect me as the man. I think that’s a traditional role that still exists in a lot of other countries in the world, and Australia’s kind of lost that.”

“A lot of guys are just afraid to be men now, and they’re just getting whipped by their women,” he adds. And look, fair cop to Dean, because he’s absolutely right — that was hard to say without sounding sexist.

Social media has since been flooded with messages slamming Dean for his remarks.

But the bulk of the criticism has been directed at Channel 9 for putting the guy on television in the first place — particularly given the recent tidal wave of abuse allegations that have been levelled against men in the film and TV industry, including Channel 9’s own celebrity gardener Don Burke.

The next season of Married at First Sight airs on Channel 9 in 2018. I reckon I’ll give it a miss.