How Australia (And The Rest Of The World) Is Reacting To Today’s Historic Yes Vote


Australia has voted for love and equality, and people all around the country are absolutely cheering for the victorious YES to marriage equality. The LGBTIQ+ community and all supporters of the Yes campaign are loud and proud with excitement and it’s a monumental day of celebration for Australia.

The final Yes vote came in at 61.6 percent, with a 78 percent turnout of voters for the postal survey. Love is louder than hate and we are hearing a resounding HELL YES across the country. Here’s a taste of Australia’s reaction to the news:

The official Yes events around the country absolutely went off once the good news officially dropped:

And elsewhere, people had more private emotional reactions. Among them was Labor Senator Penny Wong:

Many other politicians have publicly celebrated the news too:

Aussie celebrities as well as those all over the world are getting around the excitement that Australia has said Yes to marriage equality. Everybody from Sophie Monk to Ellen DeGeneres is sharing the love on Twitter.

The celebrations are epic, but of course, we know that the battle isn’t quite over and some people are wary that there’s still a few more hurdles to jump through.

Also, amid the celebrations, people are not going to let the ridiculousness of this postal vote and certain politicians slide.

But for the most part it’s all smiles and rainbows right now. Hallelujah team Yes, you did it!