Someone Has Made A Retro Computer Game About Trying To Vote In The Marriage Equality Survey

Going postal.

A creative studio based in Sydney has developed a retro-style computer game encouraging Australians to vote Yes in the upcoming postal survey on marriage equality.

Created by Agency, Going Postal is a 2D running game that asks players to get a rainbow-tailed envelope across the outback to an Australia Post box. Along the way you have to jump over various obstacles, including an ambivalent Malcolm Turnbull and a high court judge. Stuff it up and a budgie-smuggling Tony Abbott appears and shoots lasers out of his eyes. Just like in real life.

It’s incredibly frustrating to play, which in a lot of ways feels kind of fitting.

“Politicians on both sides have been making a game out of marriage equality for the last few years,” said Agency Sydney communications director Tim Middlemiss in a press release. “So we created an actual game to help get marriage equality through.”

“Australians, particularly young Australians, don’t send much snail mail any more,” he added. “We’re hoping this game helps people practice going postal before the big vote.”

You can check out the game right here.