People Are Roasting The Anti-Marriage Equality Campaign Over Their Dumb Skywriting Stunt


On Sunday, anti-marriage equality campaigners ruined a perfectly nice day by hiring a skywriter to write “Vote No” in giant letters in the skies above Sydney.

The words were visible from much of the city’s inner suburbs, although fortunately they were soon blown away by the wind – which to be honest, feels like a pretty fitting analogy for the entire No campaign.

Even so, a lot of people were understandably upset by the divisive stunt. It’s a well-documented fact that members of the LGBTIQ+ community are disproportionately affected by mental health issues. When people are literally painting hateful rhetoric in the sky above their heads, it’s not hard to understand why that is.

Fortunately, for every outspoken moron with access to an aeroplane out there, there are dozens of social media users ready to step up and mock the crap out of them for their woefully outdated points of view.

According to The Australian, the message appears to have been funded via a GoFundMe page, whose author says opponents of marriage equality are being “bullied into silence”.

Feature image via Comrade Weez/Twitter