Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Has Released An NFT Anthem

This is almost too horrifying to behold.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi has released a music video, a crypto-themed take on ‘We’re Not Going to Take It’ by Twisted Sister, a decade after performing the song as part of her involvement in the Broadway musical Rock Of Ages.  

The tribute titled ‘We’re all Going to Make It’ sees much of the original protest anthem replaced with a bricolage of NFT terminology and stock market shlock that would make even Ayn Rand wince. 

Zuckerberg’s new lyrics which she sings throughout the three-minute video range from the bizarre ‘Carpe your Crypto Diem!’ to the downright aggressive ‘You Paper Heads are all Worthless and Weak!’. 

The original song is experiencing a revival of sorts at the moment, with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently giving his blessing for the song’s use in a video supporting the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion. Snider was less kind about Zuckerberg’s appropriation of his work, taking to Twitter to label Zuckerberg’s version as “dog-shit”. 

Snider confirmed that his legal team is investigating whether Zuckerberg’s take on the protest anthem breached copyright. This sadly isn’t the first time crypto fiends have found musical analogies with Twisted Sister’s music. Here’s a crypto-bro version that literally nobody asked for: