Mark McGowan Calls Peter Dutton An ‘Extremist’ Who Isn’t ‘That Smart’ In Brutal Press Conference

"He doesn't seem to listen, he's extremely conservative, I actually don't think he's that smart."

Mark McGowan Peter Dutton

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Mark McGowan ripped into Peter Dutton with the strength of an industrial paper shredder at a press conference on Monday.

McGowan was asked about the swirling rumours that the former Minister for Defence would rise up the ranks to become opposition leader after Scott Morrison vacates the position as head of the Liberal Party after Saturday’s federal election results.

“He’s an extremist, and I don’t think he fits in with modern Australia at all,” the Premier of Western Australia told the media.

“He doesn’t seem to listen, he’s extremely conservative. I actually don’t think he’s that smart. I’ve seen him present on things, I don’t really pick up there’s much there.”

McGowan proceeded to compare him to the outgone PM, saying that at least Morrison was smart, before concluding that he doesn’t “pick up that Peter Dutton is fit to be Prime Minister”.

The crème de la crème of his unhinged answers was also calling supporters of Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party “misfits and losers”, before slamming the national press gallery for “bullying” Albanese.

At the start of last year, McGowan and Dutton also had a spat over WA’s border restrictions. The Premier said quarantine requirements had fallen onto states and territories despite being a Commonwealth matter, after Dutton — then Home Affairs Minister — disagreed with the state’s decision to reverse border re-opening commitments.

It’s believed Dutton is the top pick to replace ScoMo, but he might be challenged by outgoing Minister for Trade Dan Tehan, as well as former Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews, according to The Guardian.

“Congratulations Anthony Albanese and the Labor team on their victory,” said McGowan on Saturday. “Western Australia has made a clear decision, and chosen an Albanese Labor Government for Australia.

“I’m looking forward to working with Anthony and his team, to deliver for our state and our country.”

Photo Credit: Matt Jelonek/Getty Images