Mark Latham Is Filming His New Facebook Live Show Out Of A Small DIY Studio In Kings Cross

Live and direct from Sydney's seedy underbelly.

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Mark Latham hasn’t had a lot of luck holding down a job in the media industry. The Australian Financial Review, Channel 9 and Sky News have all parted ways with him, largely due to his controversial and regularly offensive comments.

His most recent dismissal, from Sky News’ Outsiders panel show, came off the back of derogatory comments he made about his Sky colleague Kristina Kenneally and the ABC’s Wendy Harmer.

He also called a Sydney high school student “gay” for taking part in an International Women’s Day video. This is the guy who came within 3 percentage points of becoming Prime Minister back in 2004.

Latham’s New Self-Produced Show

But Latham is refusing to be silenced. He’s launched a new Facebook page called “Mark Latham’s Outsiders” (Cool name, Mark) thats attracted mixed reviews so far.

“Mark you are spot on and if you ran for PM today you would have my vote,” one commenter wrote.

“Sacked twice in two years. Goes to show you’re really not what’s needed. Please go away,” said another.

In a video posted on the Facebook page Latham announced he would be live-streaming the first episode of his self-produced show, Mark Latham’s Outsiders, tonight.

The episode will feature Miranda Devine and Bettina Arndt and discuss “the unfortunate rise of anti-white racism, Left-feminist DV myths and the absurdity of couch-fainting feminists in Australia.”

Sounds riveting.

The video looked like it was recorded in Latham’s lounge room, but it turns out the full episode of Mark Latham’s Outsiders will, in-fact, feature some kind of production values.

On Twitter Pat Armstrong posted a photo of a production studio in Kings Cross featuring a graphic for Latham’s new Facebook Live show.

The booth is part of The X Studio, a small recording studio located under the famous Coca-Cola sign in Sydney’s Kings Cross. It’s primarily used for audio recording, but a full video production service is offered, as you can see from this clip:

When Junkee contacted The X Studio to ask if Latham was using its services for his livestream, a staff member said “We don’t disclose details about our clients. I can’t confirm 100 percent what is being filmed or when, or even if something is being filmed.”

Read into what what you will.

If you’re super-keen for Latham’s insights into feminism (I don’t blame you, who could resist) he’ll be live-streaming on Facebook from 8pm tonight.