‘The Feed’ Reckons There Are Some Spit Tests Mark Latham Could Probably Take Himself

Reckon the pollie would be happy to take a test for erectile dysfunction?

Michael Hing of The Feed roasts Mark Latham

If there’s been one motto driving the turbulent political career of Mark Latham it’s this: all press is good press.

For years now, Latham has been desperately trying to seize the media spotlight, pawing at it with all the grace of a creepy punter trying to nab the mic off a pair of co-eds at karoake night so he can sing ABBA for the umpteenth time.

Ever since his show Outsiders was aggressively deplatformed, he’s relied on the mainstream media to spread his word for him, spitting half-baked and deeply offensive remarks in the hope that centre and centre-right newspapers will take the bait and republish his comments in the name of ‘political diversity.’

That’s all his recent deeply racist (not to mention scientifically unsupported) comments about Indigenous Australians needing to take DNA tests are — the splutterings of a media-starved pollie whose time in the sun has long passed.

Anyway, those folks over at The Feed reckon that if Latham is happy to dish out the scientifically shaky gene profiles, then he should be equally happy to take them — and they’ve got just the tests for the job.

“I don’t think [Latham’s] policy goes far enough,” says comedian Michael Hing in the skit. “DNA testing isn’t just about ethnicity and heritage. We can test for all kinds of things, like the MAOA gene, or what I like to call the violent sociopath gene.”

Why stop at Indigenous DNA testing?

Mark Latham has brought foward the idea of DNA testing Indigenous people to confirm their heritage.Michael Hing thinks there's a couple of tests Latho should take himself…

Posted by The Feed SBS VICELAND on Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Then Hing goes on to list a range of other spit tests, designed to nail down everything from a lack of empathy to erectile dysfunction.

“We should test Mark Latham for these things,” Hing says, cheerfully.

“Why would we do this? I mean, it kind of seems demeaning and insulting and mean-spirited to reduce something as complex as someone’s personality to a mere spit test, right?

“Absolutely. But then again so is asking people to prove their connection to a culture that has been strategically and systematically eradicated by successive governments in this country with that very same test.”

Kinda says it all really, hey?