Please Enjoy This Video Of Mark Latham, Miranda Devine And Lyle Shelton Falling Over

It's beautiful.

It’s the simple things in life, y’know?

A warm summer breeze. The smell of fresh coffee. A quiet smile from a loved one.

This footage of Mark Latham falling out of his chair and taking Miranda Devine and Lyle Shelton with him.

The former Labor leader turned right-wing commentator was on stage with the News Corp columnist and the head of the Australian Christian Lobby as part of a debate on marriage equality. And look, maybe Latham was just tired after a big day, or maybe the plastic chair was just old. The why is not important. What matters is that it happened at all.

Please enjoy five of the funniest seconds ever captured on video.

Say what you will about Shelton’s beliefs, but he has the reflexes of a cat. The other two… not so much.

Naturally, the footage has been a big hit on social media.

God works in mysterious ways.