Mark Latham And A Bunch Of His Trump-Loving Mates Have Launched A New TV Show

Because what Australia really needs is a show hosted by three conservative white guys.

The Australian media industry has copped a bit of a flak this year for its lack of diversity. Thankfully Sky News is here to help with a new panel show, hosted by trio of Donald Trump-loving white guys, that promises to reject the mainstream media’s obsession with the “out-of-touch, inner-city Leftist class”.

Mark Latham, former Liberal MP Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean, the editor of the right-wing magazine, The Spectator, will host a new program called Outsiders. 

The show is being pitched as a response to the ABC’s Insiders, hosted by Barrie Cassidy, which the hosts argue is unrepresentative and out-of-touch. Because there’s nothing more in-touch than two ex-politicians and a conservative media editor.

Following Trump’s victory in the US, there’s been an explosion in commentary on this idea that media commentators live in a lefty bubble and are disconnected from regular people. Our own Prime Minister has jumped in on the debate, deriding the ABC as “elite media” in an interview last week.

There’s a lot of fair criticisms to be made about the media, especially with regards to Insiders, which regularly serves up commentators obsessed with Parliamentary gossip. Even the name of the show makes it pretty clear it’s aimed at political tragics who want to watch other political tragics talk to each other about very tragic political things.

While there’s definitely space for political commentary in Australia that isn’t so inward looking, it’s very unlikely to come from another set conservative, politico-media elites, as offered by Outsiders.

Outsiders was green-lit for production just days after Latham, Cameron and Dean, who are all supporters of Trump, celebrated the US election result on another Sky News show, Paul Murray Live. Proving that the bar for getting a new show approved at Sky is as low as “angry white man with bad opinions”.

Earlier in the year Andrew Bolt’s program, The Bolt Report, moved from Channel Ten to Sky.

According to Cameron, Outsiders has an explicit goal of attracting a racial discrimination complaint. “There’s no gender balance. We’re all white. We don’t believe in things like gender balance,” Latham chipped in.

In case you’re wondering, no, these are not made up comments. They are 100 percent real.

The show kicks off on December 4, just in time to ruin your summer holidays.