Please Enjoy Mark Humphries Taking On The Liberal Safe Seat Of ‘Lululemon’

"No one has worked harder to see an Independent elected in a safe Liberal seat than the hard right of the Liberal Party".

Mark Humphries lululemon

Lately, the Liberal Party has been doing a particularly good job at absolutely repelling voters at every turn. Such a good job, in fact, that it seems like just about anyone could have a shot at winning over a Liberal safe seat, as long as they loudly mention that they’re not a member of the Liberal Party. Which is exactly what comedian Mark Humphries has a crack at doing, in his latest blistering sketch for the ABC’s 7.30. 

In a parody campaign video, Humphries introduces himself as the new independent candidate for the Liberal Party safe seat of Lululemon, which is currently held by a negatively geared lump of coal. His entire policy platform can be summed up on one line: “hi, I’m Mark Humphries, and I’m not a member of the Liberal Party”.

“I fucking love this bloke,” is a bystander’s response. Such is the power repulsive power of the Liberal Party right now, even in Lululemon land.

“Look, there’s no denying that the seat of Lululemon is really Liberal Party heartland — probably the safest seat for the Libs, outside of the electorate of Aesop,” Humphries explains. Still, he reckons he’s got a chance at overturning the Liberal Party in the electorate. As voters point out, “I’m just like, the lump of coal isn’t listening, y’know?”

You can watch the full sketch below. And if you haven’t caught of up some of Humphries other recent political roasts, block out some time this Friday arvo to kick back and relax (unless you’re a member of the Liberal Party, in which case sorry dude).