Twitter Is Roasting Bad Male Authors And Their Crappy Writing

"And of course, my boobs."

Male authors

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The world is full of bad writers, and a huge portion of them are dudes. It’s just science! One thing that crappy male authors are particularly guilty of doing is describing women incredibly badly.

While men writing incredibly lazy, sexist and anatomically-incorrect descriptions of women in novels is something of an evergreen issue, this particular batch of mockery sprung up from a particular tweet.

Author Gwen C. Katz posted an incredibly interesting example of a male writer convinced that he had written an ‘authentic female protagonist’.

Women found the weird focus on curves and tight pants some particular highlights of the authenticity in his excerpt. Katz continued to post screenshots from the author’s book, including such believable lines as “and of course, my boobs.”

Podcaster @whitneyarner decided that a good round of online mocking was the answer to it all, and set up a new internet challenge asking people to describe themselves like a male author would.

The results are both apt and delightfully mean.


Man-authors, I hope you’re taking notes.