Malcolm Turnbull Has Read Scott Morrison To Absolute Filth Over The Submarine Deal

"[Albo] is not Scott Morrison and that’s a big advantage.”

malcolm turnbull

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Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has thrown shade at Scott Morrison on an international level, telling journalists in Paris that Anthony Albanese will have a better relationship with the French purely because he’s not Scotty.

Turnbull said Albo will have an easier time mending our now-nuked relationship with the French.

“The meeting this week will be important because Mr Albanese can in effect turn the page on an unedifying episode, and he is not Scott Morrison and that’s a big advantage,” said Turnbull. “I have a good relationship with your president [Macron] and what I’d say about Anthony Albanese is that I’ve known him for a very long time, he’s on the other side of politics from me but we know each other well.”

“He’s an honest man and he’s got a reputation for being honest. He never had a reputation for being deceitful and untruthful and he’s very competent. I think he will do well, I hope he does well.”

In case you forgot, Morrison absolutely butchered our relationship with the French last year after breaking up a $90 billion submarine deal over text, the ultimate political fuckboy move.

At the time, France said it had been “betrayed”, “stabbed in the back” and “deceived” by the Australian government. Macron accused Morrison of personally lying to him, and ultimately, the French temporarily withdrew their ambassador in Canberra.

Basically, our relationship was left in tatters.

Albanese will now meet with the French president Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Friday in an attempt to pick up the pieces of our relationship.

Earlier this week, Albanese said that he sees the meeting with Macron as a chance to fix the relationship and “a concrete sign of the repair that’s been done already.”

Albanese is currently in Europe for a NATO summit in Spain. On his trip he has met with the leaders of many different countries, and even gifted UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson a rugby jumper from his beloved Rabbitohs.