Malcolm Turnbull Respects Women So Much He Wore Two Ribbons On International Women’s Day

Now THIS is what you call an ally.

It’s International Women’s Day! The day when businesses who spend 364 days of the year contributing to the gender pay gap pretend like they care about women. The day when politicians who spend 364 days of the year doing shit all to erode structural sexism pretend like they care about combating structural sexism.

This morning Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull fronted an International Women’s Day press conference at Burwood Girl’s High School in Sydney alongside the federal minister for women, Kelly O’Dwyer, and local Liberal MP Craig Laundy.

Here’s Kelly O’Dwyer, proudly displaying her International Women’s Day ribbon:

That’s Laundy in the background, also showing off his International Women’s Day ribbon.

And here’s Malcolm Turnbull:

Notice anything? The man is wearing not one, but two International Women’s Day ribbons.

Why? Well it’s obvious. He is an enormous respecter of women. He respects women twice as much as Kelly O’Dwyer and he respects women twice as much as Craig Laundy. In fact, he respects women twice as much as everyone. There’s no other explanation for it.

Turnbull’s decision to go double ribbon was definitely noticed:

But why did he do it? Was he trying to make a political statement? Send some sort of subtle hint? Maybe this person on Twitter was onto something:

Sick burn. But there are actually five women in Turnbull’s cabinet, so it doesn’t quite work out. Maybe each ribbon was supposed to represent 2.5 women in cabinet?

Considering there are 19 men in cabinet we’re not sure Turnbull would be that keen to draw attention to the extremely low number of women he has appointed. But turns out that’s exactly what he did during his press conference.

Turnbull acknowledged there weren’t enough women in Australian parliament or in his ministry, which is 100 percent true. But like, you’re the PM. You literally decide who is in your ministry. If you’re that concerned about it maybe do something that isn’t just wearing a couple of ribbons?

But hey, who are we to criticise Turnbull. He is, after all, the world’s greatest respecter of women.