Malcolm Turnbull Took Credit For Marriage Equality, But The ‘Q&A’ Audience Shut Him Down

Reminder: Marriage equality passed in spite of Malcolm Turnbull, not because of him.

Malcolm Turnbull's Q&A special.

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Well, we knew Malcolm Turnbull was going to use his special Q&A episode to try to take credit for things like marriage equality, and what do you know: he did.

This was so predictable we even put it on our bingo board. Seriously.

The cringeworthy moment came mid-way through the Q&A episode, after Turnbull spent what felt like many hours insisting that he actually got a lot done before losing the Prime Ministership.

“But I just want to say to you that leading Australia for nearly three years as Prime Minister was an enormous privilege, and I celebrate — and am proud of — the achievements I was able to make,” he said, while Tony Jones kept pleading with him to please, please answer the question.

“I got an enormous amount done. You know, think of the big social reforms — legalising same-sex marriage! I mean, what a gigantic reform that was — I was able to do that!”

Yes, he seriously said this. The Prime Minister who presided over the postal survey, and all its untold damage to the LGBTIQ community in this country. The guy who had the power to avoid that entire awful vote, but instead decided it was a great idea and went for it.

Thankfully, the Q&A audience was ready. The second time he declared that “I legislated it, right? So I delivered it,” they yelled “no, no you didn’t”. Because you didn’t, Malcolm. Go home.