Malcolm Turnbull Has Been Busted Failing To Wear A Life Jacket In An Inflatable Dinghy

We're sure the potential $250 fine has him quaking in his reef booties.

In the dying days of 2017, Malcolm Turnbull has finally admitted to making a mistake. Sadly, it wasn’t the postal survey, nor was it his government’s continued abuse and neglect of asylum seekers. No — instead, the PM has ‘fessed up to the egregious error of failing to wear a life jacket while driving an inflatable dinghy.

I regret to inform you that this is seriously a thing. The Australian reported yesterday that water safety authorities are indeed investigating Malc after receiving pics of our Prime Minister hanging out in the dinghy in his stylish red rashie,¬†without a flotation device in sight. Roads and Maritime Services told The Oz that penalties could include a $250 fine, which we’re sure will make our multi-millionaire PM quake in his reef booties.

For those of us without the luxury of our very own boats and harbour-front properties from which to drive them, here’s a refresher on the actual rules on life jackets, as posted to Facebook by a contrite Malcolm yesterday.

“Water safety is all important especially at this time of year,” he wrote, “and as I discovered today we all need to be very alert to rules about wearing life jackets.”

“Yesterday I was moving an inflatable dinghy from a jetty into the beach — only about 20 metres and always very close to the shore. I wasn’t wearing a life jacket, but as NSW Maritime explained to me today when I called them, because I was in the dinghy alone, even for that very short distance the NSW regulations required me to wear one.”

“The rules can often seem very technical, but they are there to keep us safe.”

The more you learn.