Messy Bitch Malcolm Turnbull Just Went In On Peter Dutton And The Liberal Party

"If Peter Dutton was the answer, you’d have to ask what was the question".

Malcolm Turnbull sledges Peter Dutton, Liberal Party

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who truly does not give a fuck anymore, has slammed his former colleagues in the Liberal Party over their refusal to seriously address the “profound problem” of climate change, while also hitting out at Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton over the leadership drama that ultimately cost Turnbull his job.

Turnbull was the guest of honour at the Australian Bar Association’s national conference in Sydney on Friday evening, where he fielded questions about his time in the nation’s top job before the leadership spill in August saw him replaced with Scott Morrison.

“The insurgents are unable to provide any coherent explanation or any rational explanation [for the spill],” Turnbull said, adding that the subsequent collapse in support for the government, as reflected in recent polling, was “both predicted and predictable”.

He was particularly scathing in his assessment of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who orchestrated the hilariously botched coup. Asked about the prospect of Dutton becoming Prime Minister, Turnbull joked that “if Peter Dutton was the answer, you’d have to ask what was the question”.

Turnbull was also highly critical of his former party over climate change, blaming the Liberal’s inaction on the issue on a group of influential members who still believe the phenomenon isn’t real.

“The Liberal Party and the Coalition is not capable of dealing with climate change,” he said. “We have at the present time in the Coalition a constituency who believe we should get out of (the Paris Agreement), that climate change is a fraud, the more you have the better, and are literally on another plane.”

“They are not prepared to play ball with everybody else,” he added. “And so the problem is that everybody loses.”

h/t The Australian