Shady Mother Malcolm Turnbull Just Followed An Anti-Tony Abbott Account On Instagram

That's cold.

Malcolm Turnbull likes anti-Tony Abbott instagram account

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In case you needed (more) proof that our nation’s leaders are every bit as petty as regular folk like you and I, former Prime Minister and shady motherfucker Malcolm Turnbull has given a cheeky follow to an Instagram page urging voters to ditch his old rival Tony Abbott.

Vote Tony Out is part of a grassroots campaign to get voters in Warringah to cut onion out of their diet once and for all… if you know what I mean. The account only started posting on Monday, but quickly earned three high profile supporters in Turnbull, his wife Lucy and their son Alex.

The account is run by Manly man Mark Kelly, who told The Australian that Abbott “annoyed” a lot of people in the electorate. Kelly said the thing that tipped him over the edge was when Abbott abstained from the marriage equality vote.

“The main thing, at the end of the day, was when 75 per cent of his electorate voted Yes for gay marriage and he abstained on a conscious vote … Our electorate spoke pretty loudly then and he chose to ignore them.”

“If he can’t stand up and represent the people of Warringah then he shouldn’t be a representative of those people,” Kelly added.

The Instragram account links to a website, www.votetonyout.com, where people can buy t-shirts, stickers and buttons. The buttons go with literally any outfit, just saying.

This isn’t the first time Malcolm Turnbull has thrown shade at his former colleagues since being booted out of office. He famously failed to back the Liberal candidate in his old seat of Wentworth, which was subsequently won by Independent Kerryn Phelps. He also went on Q&A and described Scott Morrison as “the Steven Bradbury of Australian politics”, and just last week said members of the Liberal party were “on another plane” when it comes to climate change.

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Tony represents Tony; he is out of touch with his electorate! He is uninterested in living on a healthy planet and in a fair and just world. He fails to embrace the issues that concern his constituents and is little inclined to listen. He doesn’t care about plastic (yet he purports to love the beach and the ocean), he doesn’t care about the environment (he thinks ‘climate change is probably doing good’) and he doesn’t care about marriage equality (in an electorate where 75% of people do). The Warringah electorate is progressive, decent and caring! Tony Abbott is at odds with this – and is shamelessly negligent in his role as our MP. Tess Lavender Manly #warringah #warringahvotes #buildthetribe

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