It Looks Like Malcolm Roberts Is Returning To The Senate And All We Can Say Is WTF Queensland??

This is the guy who said climate change is a "hoax" started by NASA.

Malcolm Roberts

So, it’s no understatement to say this election night has been fairly shocking. All week, polls have been indicating a Labor win, and yet tonight things are headed pretty firmly in the other direction. Not only does it look like the Coalition are headed for a win, but now One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts looks set to return to the Senate.

There’s only one thing to say to that: what the fuck, Queensland?

Malcolm Roberts, if you’ve forgotten, was one of the shitcanned dual citizen MPs of yesteryear. People were pretty pleased to see him go at the time, because he stands for a whole load of absolute rubbish.

He wants to “water down” Australian gun laws, for one. He’s a vocal climate change denier, taking stupidity to the next level by claiming, live on TV, that climate change is a hoax created by NASA. The space agency.

He’s also called for Australia to punish New Zealanders living here, as a response to New Zealand condemning Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian territory. He’s compared himself to Socrates, but also gone on bizarre rants railing against dolphins.

That’s who Queensland has, it seems, voted to return to the Senate. What the actual fuck.

Queensland, tonight, has also been the state that has delivered hugely surprising results for the Labor Party, swinging towards the Coalition in many seats despite opinion polls predicting a very different outcome. We’ve reached the point where people are drawing comparisons to Trump’s victory in the 2016 US election.

Anyway, a Malcolm Roberts win is yet to be confirmed, but it’s looking pretty likely he’ll be back. Meanwhile, here’s another Queensland senator right now: