‘Tonightly’ Is Looking For Someone To Replace Lee Lin Chin As “Australia’s Main Asian”

There can be only one.

Lee Lin Chin has gone and left us, opening up a gap in this country’s famously diverse (lol) media landscape. And so on Thursday the team at Tonightly launched an Australian Idol style search for who will be Australia’s Main Asian.

The sketch features three white judges deciding on who will be the heir to Lee Lin Chin’s throne, “because there can only be one Asian on Australian TV”.

“I’m actually Chinese, and Lee Lin Chin is also Chinese,” says comedian Aaron Chen, making his case.

“Hang on, were you on MasterChef?” asks a judge. “You’d be great on MasterChef!”

“Not all of us can cook,” Chen replies.

Also in the mix are siblings Michelle and Benjamin Law. “Together we’ve written books, plays, TV shows, webseries … we’ve already got a monopoly on the market,” says Michelle.

“I’m sorry, but we just can’t have two of you,” says one of the judges.

“It’s like they’re taking over,” agrees her colleague.

Watch the full sketch below.