Madonna Got Caught Photoshopping Herself Onto An Aussie Woman’s Body, And Sorry, What?

An interesting way to express yourself.

madonna photoshop photo

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Madonna’s known for being a little bit of a kook. Remember the bath incident last year? Or perhaps the bizarre Eurovision performance the year before? Or perhaps all the eyebrow-raising COVID conspiracies she shared throughout last year?

She’s always just been… Madonna. So really, the idea of her stealing a Sydney woman’s Instagram photo and badly photoshopping her own head on the body doesn’t really seem that out of the box at all.

Yesterday, Sydney-based content creator Amelia Goldie recounted the strange story across a couple of TikTok videos. She claims that in 2015, Madonna took an image from her Instagram and simply plopped her head on her body, with no word of credit or any explanation, and uploaded it to her official Instagram — which boasts a casual 15.7-million followers.

“I found out when sitting at home and suddenly some of my Instagram followers noticed the photo was mine (at the time I had a little bit of a following, maybe 20K) so much they recognised my photograph and tagged me in it,” Goldie told Music Junkee. “I thought it was a joke! Then realised it wasn’t possible because it was her official account.”

Goldie reached out to Madonna’s team through Instagram at the time, but received no response.

“I left it and just thought it was crazy but people kept noticing and tagging me over all the years and saying how I should keep trying to contact her,” she says. “I’ve never heard anything but now it’s going viral on TikTok (posted 12 hours ago and has half a million views and growing rapidly) I think they will DEFINITELY know now!”

At the time of writing, Madonna’s Instagram post in question is still up:


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I guess… Madonna stealing your Insta pic is the height of flattery?